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About Wuyi



Geographically, Wuyi is located at longitude 119°27'~119°28'E and latitude 28°31′~29°03′N. It extends 59km north-south and spreads 50km east-west, covering a total area of 1577.2km2. Wuyi is a prefecture of Jinhua city and is situated in the central part of Zhejiang Province and the southeast of the Jinhua-Quzhou Basin.



Wuyi is located at the heart of Mid-Zhejiang Urban Agglomeration and in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. Its close neighbors include Yiwu, “China Commodity City”, and Yongkang, “China Hardware City”. Wuyi is also a beautiful, resource-based, tourist city that has long been known as “the City of Hot Spring and the Land of Fluorite”.



Within its boundary, 74% of its land is covered by forests, 79% ground water attains Class II quality criteria, and the air quality in nine out of ten days throughout the year is rated good and above. Wuyi is a “global green city” named by the United Nations and enjoys a number of titles including the “National Model County for Ecological Civilization Construction”, “Magnificent China Ÿ Eco-Tourism (Top 10) Model Counties”, “Model Zone for Certified Organic Products in China”, “City of Fluorite Culture in China”, and “Top 10 Blessed Land for Life Nourishment in Zhejiang”.



With its hot springs renowned in east China and among the best across the country, Wuyi is the only Zhejiang-based “city of hot springs in China” designated by the Ministry of Land and Resources. The Hot Spring Festival, held in the middle and late October of each year, attracts tourists from both home and abroad.



Wuyi has a history of more than 1700 years and a population of 340,000. With magnificent landscape, it breeds splendid culture. Zhu Xi and Lyv Zuqian, the neo-confucianists in the Southern Song Dynasty, used to give lectures in the Mingzhao Temple in Wuyi and ushered in the unique Mingzhao culture. The Shuxi Gallery Bridge, which has a history of more than 800 years, is a classical representative of gallery bridges in regions south of the Yangtze River, symbolizing the architectural wisdom of forebears in Wuyi. Guodong, “the first village of geomancy”, and Yuyuan, “the Tai Chi Star Village”, were listed among the first state-level ancient villages, and the Yanfu Temple, which is considered as a gem of ancient buildings and a state cultural relic protection site, stuns tourists with its marvelous craftsmanship.



Hundreds of millions of years ago, the volcanic evolution at the continental margin of the Western Pacific left Wuyi with two major natural and cultural heritages: the Fluorite Hot Springs, which are the best in regions south of the Yangtze River, and the Red Cliff Danxia, a wonderland in the world. Hot springs in Wuyi are rich in multiple trace elements beneficial to the human body, including silicon, fluorine, sulfur and so on, making Wuyi a noted resort of hot springs in China. Wuyi Hot Spring Resort is not only an appealing "Town of Hot Springs" but also a fantastic "fairy town", that is dotted with shining spots including star-level hot spring hotels, the Hot Spring Life Nourishment Park, the Ancient Dwelling Museum, the Fluorite Museum, the Fairy Tale Book House, and the International Autodrome.



Wuyi is home to massive natural landscape where the air is fresh and rich in negative oxygen irons. The Big Red Rock, a state-level 4A-rating scenic area, bears the semblance of inflaming fire drooping from the skyline, bringing a marvelous visual enjoyment to tourists. The Mount Niutou National Forest Park is a good destination for climbing, leisure and cooling. Wuyi is prolific in land-bred products and exhibits rich cultural heritage in its local specialties. Wuyi Xuan Lotus once was treated as an imperial tribute in ancient China. Wuyi is the land of organic teas in China, among which the “Wuyang Spring Rain” Tea is widely known for its unique fragrance and appetizing taste. China’s first “National Geographic” mark product, the dendrobium officinale, is just grown in Wuyi Shouxian Valley TCM Base.



Wuyi boasts a complete manufacturing chain and enjoys an advantageous industrial layout. At present, three major traditional industrial sectors have formed, including hardware & machinery, automobile & motorcycle parts, and cultural travel & leisure. Wuyi is honored with the titles of being one of the national top 100 counties by economic competitiveness, top 100 counties with the greatest development potential, and top 20 counties (and cities) with the most investment value potential in Zhejiang Province. "Made in Wuyi " has gone towards the country and into the world.



As the new Jinhua-Wenzhou high-speed rail is put into service, Wuyi has realized its one-hour-and-a-half transportation economic circle. With sincerity and open mind, Wuyi natives are forging a first-rated environment for business startup. Foreign merchants from over 20 countries and regions are now investing and expanding their business in Wuyi and trading partners can be found in more than 100 countries and regions.



Welcome to Wuyi, a city of hot springs!